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Main window of picophone 1.65 voip client.

PicoPhone is a user friendly freeware voip client. It is a light application, which makes it easy to communicate with your friends via internet.

PicoPhone uses a simple UDP based protocol, which works very well with NAPT. The program is a single executable 54kb file, just start it, enter the IP address of the other party and connect. If your audio device allows multiple output streams to be opened simultaneously, then you can use conference button to add more people in the line.
It accepts connections on UDP port 11676 and makes connection to that port, but you can use your NAPT router to convert that port to another one. In this case port 11676 is used internally and to the outside world the port is anything you want. If somebody uses that conversion for safety reasons, then the port number must follow the IP address, using a colon (:) as a separator.
Also there is a free online Picoserver sevice which can help you contact with other people easier.

PicoPhone runs fine under win 98/2000/XP

Installation info: 

Just download "picophone165.exe" and run it!


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