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MiKTeX is an up-to-date implementation of TeX and related programs for Windows.

MiKTeX is a typesetting system which it is intended for the creation of beautiful books - and especially for books that contain a lot of mathematics.
It should be used in order to create professional e-books in pdf format.
MiKTeX only provides the tools necessary to prepare documents using the TeX/LaTeX markup language, it does not include a text editor or graphical word processor it is just a LaTeX compiler.
Combining MiKTeX with a LaTeX editor you can easily create your ebooks for free with a professional and good looking design. In the beginning you will find LaTeX approach really hard since it is not an WYSIWYG method but once you impost your template the only thing to do is to write down in plain text your document.

Mini tutorial :
1)Install (unpack) MiKTeX in a directory of your choice
Ex : "D:\TrustFm\Portable Programs\Files\Editors\LaTex\MikTex"
2)Create a new (empty) text file and rename it into "test.tex"
3)Open it with notepad or any other text editor.
4)Write your first LaTeX script like this one below :
\documentclass {minimal}
\begin {document}
Hello World !
5)Run the command line tools of Windows.
Start - Run - write "cmd" and press the "OK" button
6)Now you are ready to compile your script and convert it to a pdf file
Go to pdflatex directory using windows console
writing for example :
cd D:\TrustFm\Portable Programs\Files\Editors\LaTex\MikTex\miktex\bin\
once you are in the path "D:\TrustFm\Portable Programs\Files\Editors\LaTex\MikTex\miktex\bin\"
run the command
pdflatex.exe "path_of_your_tex_file\test.tex"
for example :
pdflatex.exe "F:\Documents and Settings\TrustFmLPXP\Desktop\test\test.tex"
7)In the pdflatex path you will have the "test.pdf"
8)Open the "test.pdf" with your favorite pdf reader.

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