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Download Free Software Tools. Get freeware portable and installable applications


Free Video Tools is an idea started at 2007 from Karidis Anastasios aka TrustFm.
The scope of this site is to find free, alternative, tested, secure and rare software applications.

Back in time :
In the late 90's TrustFm with some other friends traced a list of small programs not listed in any web site.
Many of them were internal productions, not known on the public.
From 2004 TrustFm starts to collect portable applications most of them unknown.
These applications have been tested and used on a daily base.
Unfortunately even if the domain was taken back to 2007 due to lack of time we wasn't able to launch this project earlier.
TrustFm's portable list suddenly became the only valid backup after the earthquake hit back in the 6 April 2009 at L'Aquila (Italy). This event was a clear sign to render public at least the portable part of my selected portable applications.

Today :
Here you will find freeware (portable and not) applications tested with success under extreme conditions.
We will try to find the best programs for each category and not just a bunch of stuff.
We aim in quality and not in quantity.

FreeSoftwareTools is consisted of :

  • Anastasios Karidis aka TrustFm
  • George Karidis (Aias)

FreeSoftwareTools is powered by :

Stay tuned (as always!).

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Top rated

Application Rating
PicoPhone 10
AbiWord 10
MiKTeX 10
Notepad++ 10
Bouml 10